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Welcome to
Gateway Performance

Specializing in High-Performance Custom Vehicles

Who We Are

Gateway Performance is not your average dealership. Founded by fellow car enthusiasts, we are a one stop source when it comes to muscle cars, classic cars, and exotic cars. From selling authentic Shelby parts to selling new Shelby vehicles, including the Shelby Cobra, we are a leading source for Shelby parts and cars. In addition to this, we also buy and sell vintage and used exotic and muscle cars as well as offering numerous other services such as car insurance, car shipping and delivery, and restoration and customization services. Whether it is the Shelby Cobra or a collectible muscle car, Gateway Performance has you covered.

Did you know?

Gateway Performance is the only authorized Shelby dealership in Missouri. Located in St. Louis, MO, we offer services to customers located throughout the Midwest and across the country. Along with supplying Shelby Cobras and authentic Shelby parts and equipment, we specialize in vintage street rods, exotic autos, and collectible muscle cars for sale.


Shop Details

Ceramic Coating
Gyeon Ceramic Coating
3M Ceramic Coating
Window Tinting
3M Window Tint
Paint Protection Film
3M Paint Protection Film
Detailing Services

Taking care of your high performance vehicle is just as important as owning them. Ceramic coating provides protection against UV rays, chemicals and environmental contaminants. Increases the slickness of the paint – prevents the paint from oxidation. Let's not forget about window tinting, which not only looks sleek but also keeps your interior cool and shields your eyes from the harsh sun. If you want to keep that showroom shine intact, paint protection film is a must. It acts as a shield against environmental damage, ensuring your paint job stays flawless for years to come. And finally, interior and exterior detailing is more than just cleaning; it's about giving your ride that extra attention it deserves.

Buying Our Cars &
Shelby Cobras for Sale:
Purchasing Information

Gateway Performance is here to help you find your dream car.  We are in contact with buyers and sellers on a regular basis and can help you find exactly what you are searching for.  


We can assist you with purchasing a component/roller (Shelby chassis sold turn key minus engine and transmission) a fully loaded genuine "Shelby CSX" continuation series fiberglass and aluminum. The authenticity for the component/rollers are documented with an MSO by Shelby American, Inc. Let us help you build your Shelby.


Our primary goal is to make sure you will be completely satisfied with your purchase. Provide your vehicle details below and we will be in touch!

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